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English as a 2nd Language skills in SCM (Part 2)

In my previous paper, I shared the importance of keep working in our education. There are so many things to do, taking a course, reading a book, joining a group (club) interested in a topic and obviously log-in to one of the many options that we have in the web. The options are endless.

Nevertheless, the will to act it is also important. The moment is now. The decision is today.

Going back to Supply Chain business, we as professionals are challenging with so many issues around the world. Not in our native language, but in English language.

It is important to understand, practice and get confidence to communicate using this 2nd language in order to tackle the problems that we are facing.

From my side, I want to introduce you into an English second language program entirely focused into Material Planning / Demand Management in Supply Chain.

This last concept mentioned above is critical: GETTING CONFIDENCE.

Technical skills are extremely important but also we must learn how to communicate effectively. 

How to introduce yourself? What words to say? How to manage a meeting?

It is important to know the theory, but in a real job situation you have to solve problems.

You will gain the professional confidence by practicing again and again.

So here is a chance to practice the following concepts:

  1. SCM concepts and definitions. Information and material flow diagram. How to handle a daily material coverage meeting.
  2. International Logistics. Transportation modes. Incoterms. Follow up the material shipments (logistics point of view).
  3. Demand Management. Material demand communication. Factors affecting the demand.
  4. Role plays into Supply Chain Management. Such as: Meetings and interviews exercises.

Remember, this is not only theory. This is the chance to know what to say in a real job situation. This is the chance to hold your nerves and keep calm in a meeting at work.

This is a chance to practice your communication skills using English as a 2nd language.

It does not matter if you are a college / university student or a professional looking for a better job. We will start on January 2023. Stay close to ReportAcero website to get more information.

The opportunity is here. For more information, please feel free to drop me an email to:

All right. See you next time. In the meantime, take care and keep walking on my friend.

Jorge Maldonado. Egresado de la Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León como Ingeniero Administrador de Sistemas. Cuenta con una Maestría en International Logistics and Supply Chain Management en la Universidad de Glamorgan South Wales en Reino Unido. Profesionalmente se ha desarrollado en empresas de manufactura y tecnologías de información.

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